Looking for an investor

Who I am?

My name is Andrej Luter, I am an entrepreneur. I live with big dreams and visions for the future. I like to see things that are not available to the world, to imagine them, and to be happy about them. The visions of ideas are too big, but I am too small to realize them and hope that one day everything will work out. In the country where I live, I will not be able to find a suitable investment partner, because here everything is looked at too closely and I have not had to meet someone who could work for the purpose of the idea without focusing on money. I believe that a good idea will find money.

What is the idea?

The idea is simple in its own way, but at the same time complex. It is a service for companies and consumers, everyone who lives in our world. The implementation will not be easy, and it may take several years to implement it, but it is certainly feasible. The implementation time will depend very much on the companies that need to integrate the idea and the consumers that will need to use the offered service and whether they are ready for something like that. The primary business keywords will be: Forecasting, data company, etc.

How much money is needed?

Certainly more than 5,000,000. Is this budget too big for you? Then don't waste your time.

In which companies will it be necessary to integrate the idea?

In major clothing manufacturers.

Where will the disclosure of the idea take place?

At the table with a signed non-disclosure agreement.

What do I want in return?

Realization of the idea, interest from the company or profit. It will be difficult to manage from the country I am in, and therefore I am considering the idea of moving to another country with the whole family, where living conditions will be provided.

Why am I looking here?

I believe that the Internet is very powerful and here I will meet the right person with whom we can build a more beautiful future.

The contact address is left only because there are too many different bots on the Internet that collect all kinds of information. If you are interested, write a letter.
Contact address:
Asteru iela 14-56, Jelgava, LV-3008, Latvia